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    portada mark of the burn: the test of love life and friendship
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    mark of the burn: the test of love life and friendship

    Starlett Fisher · Outskirts Press

    mark of the burn: the test of love life and friendship - Starlett Fisher

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    Reseña del libro "mark of the burn: the test of love life and friendship"

    Olivia Blake and her two best friends, twin sisters Pandora and Venus Pratt were three teenagers in search of stardom and felt that with an excellent plan A you didn't need a plan B. The twins got wind of a big shot agent that would be in Buffalo holding auditions and was also paying cold hard cash. Olivia, passive and well brought up in the south, finds herself infatuated with Julian Taylor the co-owner of the company that held the talent auditions, his being ten years her senior didn't seem to be much of a deterrent. Having issues with her father's infidelity and subsequent departure from her life a few years earlier, it's no wonder she would have unresolved issues. She was determined to have this man Julian as her very own. Years later they did marry and move to New York City, only her happily ever after fairy tale life takes a turn for the worse when she finds out that she isn't the only one he's been making love to, and that the other woman is her half-sister. Now years later and two young children involved she has more than just herself to think of, so she takes a flight and returns to Buffalo to her mother in an attempt to ease the pain of having to look at the husband she so innocently trusted with her heart, not knowing how she would be able to explain how her husband did her the exact same way as her dad did her mother. Pandora comes by to aid with moral support and found that she ended up beating Laila the adulteress half- sister almost to death. This action caused a reaction from the present Julian who had come to Buffalo to try and explain to his beloved what a terrible mistake he had made, and pitch reconciliation. Melee ensued and a devastated Olivia found herself forced to stab her husband hoping to free a choking Pandora from his grip. In all of the confusion Laila pulls a gun meant for Olivia had she refused to give up Julian, and pointed it at Pandora whom had pounded on her relentlessly. Two shots rang out and Olivia falls to the floor along with Julian, Julian with two bullet wounds and Olivia with none. She is told that she would be the one facing attempted murder charges. She would ultimately be the one sitting in a jail cell for the next seven years. During her incarceration she had only her belief in the Almighty and her need to see her children again to keep her clinging to her sanity. Thankful for her family and best friends she gained hope. Finally after spending two years of her life caged and forced to live a sub-standard life away from her children and family her prayers were answered. Julian, whom had made a full recovery and after interference from a nagging Pandora found his own strength and went to the police with the truth Pandora's life changed that same day in the same building Olivia's did when her ambitions got the best of her; she wanted to be at the top over both Olivia and her sister Venus. She strolls into the office of one of the men she thought had the power to bring her dreams to life only to witness the brutal rape of a girl around her very same age and she didn't have the courage to stop it. The three girls shared a bond of friendship sought by many and enjoyed by few. They each carried with them into adulthood, the consequences of adolescent choices that will mark their souls forever.

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