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    portada Maximizing the Power of Purpose (libro en inglés)
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    Maximizing the Power of Purpose (libro en inglés)

    Samuel O. Olulana · Treasured Word Publishing House

    Maximizing the Power of Purpose (libro en inglés) - Samuel O. Olulana

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    Reseña del libro "Maximizing the Power of Purpose (libro en inglés)"

    It is a common saying that there can never be a smoke without fire. This statement put in another way simply means, any time you notice a smoke anywhere, it simply means that there is a fire burning somewhere. This statement is not only the truth, but it also has a lot of lessons to teach every right thinking student as well as individuals, particularly when we talk about his / her chosen field of endeavour or pursuit in life. Friend, if anybody anywhere tells you that a smoke can come forth without fire burning somewhere, then such a person must either be doing what I call an “expensive joke” or deceiving himself, or he is out of his mind. The absolute truth is: No fire, no smoke. Period. Beloved, success in your academic pursuit is very good. In fact success in any giving area of one’s academic pursuit is the best thing that can ever happen to any student. Therefore the desire of every right thinking student at all levels of study and at every point in any given time should be what must be done for him or her to succeed in his or her academic pursuit. One un-contestable truth we can learn from the above statement is that, though success is good and it is the desire of every right thinking student, and every individual in his right mind, it is not cheap to get. Only the people, or rather the students, who are not just wishing to get it, but are ready to give it all that it will take to get it at any given time or level will eventually get it. Mr “Success,” I want you to know is like a crown, and it has no permanent friend, and no permanent enemy. It is always found anywhere it is welcomed. Every student desires to wear the crown of success, but the truth is that not every student will eventually wear it. This is because the crown of success is the result which is always available to every individual student who is ready to carry the “cross that produces success” in his chosen career. Thus, it is a common saying that no cross, no crown. Friend, if you are in the group of those ‘useless students’ who think that success in life as well as in academic pursuit is obtainable anyhow [i:e through luck, or unholy means], you must know from today that you are nobody other than a great joker. You are like someone chasing his own shadow. You are like someone on a mission that has no destination. You have just embarked on a project that has no end. The earlier you return from such a journey, the better it is for you, and for your overall success, particularly in your academic pursuit. Please, give the following statement a good attention: success is a choice, and failure is also a choice. Whether you will succeed in your academic pursuit or not is a product of the choice you make today, either consciously or unconsciously. Please understand that every success story that has ever happened under heaven has a secret behind it, and this includes academic excellence. Until you lay hold on this secret as far as your academic pursuit is concerned, you are a registered failure in the school you are presently. The aim of this book therefore, is to show you one of these hidden, but wonder working “chemicals” when we talk about success in your academic work. This volume will show you, what a student with a PURPOSE will achieve. We all know that purpose is the reason for doing what you do at any particular time. There is a reason why you are in school. If you can grab it, failure of any kind will be a thing of the past in your academic pursuit. And you will then begin to enjoy accelerated success in your studies. Please read this book [Neglected Secret for Academic Excellence Vol. 1] and the other ones in the series with every carefulness, diligence, and also with the mind to make as many discoveries as possible from it, which will eventually transform into a strong decision within you to succeed. You will surely get to the top in life in Jesus’ name.

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